You need a family physician, but can't get in to see one?

Be proactive. Make sure you have a family physician before you need one.

Let's face it...many of us often try to let nature run its course before calling a medical provider. By the time we call a doctor's office, we are barely able to drag ourselves out of bed, much less to work or school. Don't let this happen to you or your family!

What should I do if I don't have a medical provider?

Be proactive in establishing a physician relationship prior to an illness. Providers try to insure that current patients are seen in a timely manner. Appointment times available to new patients are limited. A new patient exam usually requires about twice the time of an established patient appointment. Remember, a medical provider is obligated to obtain a detailed medical history if they are not familiar with you. This takes time.

I've heard a doctor is not taking new patients...how do I find out if that is true?

Not all health insurances have contracts with all providers. A physician may be taking new patients but does not have a contract with your insurance company. Call the doctor's office yourself to see if they will take you as a new patient.

Get a family physician now...don't wait until you are sick to contact a medical provider for the first time!

Here are a few things you can do now

  1. Pick a medical provider
  2. Contact their office to see if they accept your insurance
  3. Stop by and pick up a new patient packet
  4. Make an appointment to be seen now, before you're sick
  5. Don't wait a week or two before scheduling an appointment when symptoms of an illness are present

Most medical providers in our community are taking new patients.

Being proactive increases your ability to obtain the medical provider of your choice. New patient appointments are limited in most offices, so don't wait!