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Twin Lakes Medical Foundation, Inc.

In 1995, Twin Lakes Medical Foundation was established for two reasons; to recruit and retain top notch physicians to our community and allow them to do what they do best--practice medicine, devote time to patients and focus their effort on providing quality care.

Many Healthcare professionals considered it a bold move for a facility in Leitchfield KY to be one of the first facilities in the state to employee physicians. Today, with a suffering economy and a decline in reimbursement, physicians find it increasingly difficult to meet the many regulatory demands as well as the technology requirements to succeed in an independent practice.

Simply stated, the employment of physicians has substantially contributed in our ability to meet the community’s healthcare needs and positively impact the local economy.

Since 1995, TLMF has grown from 2 physicians with 17 employees, to more than 23 providers and 110 employees, including 3 off site clinics to provide convenient access for our patients.

TLMF has always embraced our mission to serve the community in a compassionate, caring and efficient manner possible.

As the baby boomers enter the healthcare system, electronic records are mandated, and as healthcare regulations continue to change, TLMF must continue to expand and recognize the future needs of our community. Whether it’s educating our youth on healthcare careers, financially assisting local students to pursue their dream of becoming a physician or perhaps collaborating with other healthcare organizations, we continue to strive to serve the patients in Grayson and the surrounding counties of Butler, Breckinridge, Ohio, Edmonson, Hart and Hardin.